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Bye Bye Bheki


Bye bye Bheki: Police Minister thanks South Africans on last day in office [VIDEO]

The CitizenJun 18, 2024 5:00 PM

Bheki Cele playfully warns officers he is still in charge for the day, and thanks the public and the ANC for supporting him.

Outgoing Minister of Police Bheki Cele

Outgoing Minister of Police, General Bheki Cele thanked South Africans for their support and encouraged his successor to put the public first during an address on his last day in office.

The African National Congress (ANC) member will bow out with the inauguration of President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday. Cele did not make it onto the list of ANC members to return to Parliament.

‘Thank you South Africa’

“[I thank] the people of South Africa, especially my organisation, the African National Congress, and those that allowed me to be a minister,” he said.

“Remember, I am just one bar below being President,” he joked. “They didn’t put me there, but where they’ve put me I’m very much grateful.”

Cele said his successor should remember that “the walk is still long”.

“It’s not about us, it is not about position. It is about putting the most effort, to put the shoulder on the wheel for the betterment of the lives of the people of South Africa.

“The only word I can say is thank you, South Africa.”

Watch part of Cele’s address below:

Always eager to learn something new

Cele also spent his last day in office awarding medals to long-serving officers at a medal parade at the Saps Tshwane Academy.

“There’s nothing wrong with teaching yourself things you don’t know,” Cele said, telling officers he was still in charge for the day.

He explained that after the presidential inauguration, Ramaphosa would be the highest-ranking official of the country.

“After he is sworn in he assumes power and runs the country alone… After that he will appoint ministers and delegate.

“For now, there is a cabinet and Cele is one member… I am the Minister of Police, General Bheki Cele,” he said playfully, drawing laughter and applause from the officers.


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