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Optimisation Engineer


Reporting to the Commercial Manager, the Optimisation Engineer schedules and monitors delivery of daily and weekly Refinery Production for assigned units and products.

As a Senior Engineer, searches for and delivers on short-term optimisation opportunities in production and energy. Identifies de-bottleneck and other opportunities, partnering with the Business Teams and eventually the Business Excellence team for assessment, prioritization and planning.

The primary duty of the Optimisation Engineer is to schedule and monitor delivery of the daily and weekly Refinery production plan for a given set of units or products, to troubleshoot and to facilitate appropriate response to deviations to plan (availability, utilization, quality, giveaway, etc.).

To search for, identify, prioritise and deliver short-term optimisation opportunities (production, energy) and to feed longer-term opportunities (bottlenecks or otherwise) into the Business Team and eventually the Business Excellence team for assessment, prioritization and planning.

To coach and facilitate the Business Teams and Operations Team to understand the financial drivers and production optimization opportunities and key decisions; drawing focus to the most leveraging deviations/giveaways/bottlenecks (financially, etc.) and creating a culture whereby the organisation is collectively chasing those items the hardest, rather than treating all deviations as equal importance. 

To record the cause of production performance deviations such that adequate explanation is available for the monthly plan v. actual reconciliation and to conduct root cause analyses / action planning for recurring deviations.

To identify, forecast and understand plant production restrictions and bottlenecks and provide input into the short-term planning process and LP management to facilitate accurate and achievable production plans throughout the Plant lifecycle (i.e. as catalyst or HT deteriorates).

To utilise, and optimise use of, appropriate tools for translation of the LP plan into a Refinery Schedule; developing and reporting against the Refinery schedule. This may include but is not limited to Spiral Scheduling Tool, Spiral LP.

To ensure that production plans are communicated and understood as intended, coaching Operations Team and Commercial team members where required.

To contribute to short-term business continuity production plans and optimization during unit upsets or force-majeure scenarios.

To liaise with EVCO (Supply & Trading) both informally and through the formal daily and weekly engagement platforms, in particular in regards to Crude planning, new Crude assessment and non-production giveaway management e.g. demurrage, etc.

To provide temporary cover for other Commercial Team roles during vacation and sickness as competency allows.

Professional Qualification and Certifications:

  • Engineering bachelor degree (B. Eng / B.Sc in Chemical Engineering is preferable) but others may be considered.

Work Experience:

  • A minimum of 5 years of engineering, operations, commercial or oil and gas industry-related experience.
  • Proven track record and specific knowledge of refinery process units, work processes and people.
  • An understanding of refinery economic drivers and optimization through a mix of operational and production planning experience is ideal. Understands interdependencies of Process plant.

Key Competencies:

  • Analytical Thinking & Troubleshooting, able to add value during Root Cause Analysis (RCA), prioritisation and Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Ability to decide and initiate action while working with others, engaging key stakeholders
  • Effective writing and Reporting, Presenting and Communicating complex information to different stakeholders
  • Adapting and Responding to change while Coping with Pressures and Setbacks
  • Entrepreneurial and Commercial Thinking

Application deadline:

10 July 2023

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