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Laboratory Analyst


Conducts routine Laboratory testing on Shift Schedule according to daily schedule and to meet standardized industry processes.

Opex:  optimise use of laboratory consumables to minimise cost.

Deliver testing outcomes per schedule and standard turnaround times to prevent demurrage costs.

Daily testing of various effluent streams and the express release of final products from shipping to avoid demurrage due to late release of results.  

Accurate Test outcomes to ensure Product Quality / on –spec product is credible.

Capture and report results timeously and accurately on the relevant worksheets and data base after being trended.

Meet and maintain quality assurance requirements by completing method specific training modules.

Will become familiar with Laboratory Control Samples (LCS) and calibrations of equipment in 3 laboratories.

Comply with all Health, safety and environmental requirements and standards by maintaining a safe working environment – taking corrective action when necessary. Active participation in LPS and IIF. Ensure the use of all necessary PPE at all times, inside the laboratory as well as on the plant. Where unsure, become familiarized with all safety requirements

Plan, prioritize and organize work on a daily basis to meet customer requirements.

Supports Operations and Process Engineering during plant upsets as assigned by Senior Chemists / Supervisor.

Assist the team by sharing workloads

Development plan – identify learning & development goals.  Continuous improvement approach to enhance skills and versatility on different equipment.

Professional Qualification and Certifications: National Diploma / B.Tech in Analytical Chemistry or equivalent

Work Experience:

Fully Qualified in All Laboratory tests and equipment preferred.

Knowledge and skills:

Demonstrated ability in the use and application of basic principles of Chemistry and Laboratory techniques.  Expanding knowledge of refinery processes, practices and procedures applicable to their area of responsibility. 

Recognized by peers to be a cooperative contributor to team efforts and credible, accurate analyst.

Keeps up with developing technology in the field.  Solves conventional problems with limited scope and complexity. 

Learns new technology necessary to complete tasks.  Typical assignments focus on a) relatively complex analyses employing established procedures, but requiring advanced techniques and technical interpretation, b) investigations involving overall laboratory operations. 

Proficient in basic methods of analysis.  Beginning to understand how they are used in the Company’s business.

Application deadline:

02 July 2023

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