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Cellc has the cheapest 100GIG data compared to all South African ISP


Did you know cellc had cheapest data price for 100GiG and they don't reveal it

Prepaid data prices in South Africa
Validity periodPrice
Capitec ConnectUnlimitedR2.25
Shoprite K’nect (standard/Money Market account)60 daysR5.00 / R2.50
MegaTel180 daysR7.00 (35MB anytime + 35MB night-time data)
Telkom31 daysR7.00 (35MB)
Standard Bank Mobile30 daysR9.00
Mr Price Mobile30 daysR12.00
Vodacom30 daysR12.00
FNB Connect30 daysR14.00 (80MB)
Capitec ConnectUnlimitedR4.50
Shoprite K’nect (standard/Money Market account)60 daysR10.00 / R5.00
Afrihost Air Mobile60 daysR10.00
MegaTel180 daysR14.00 (75MB anytime + 75MB night-time data)
Telkom31 daysR14.00 (75MB)
Me&you Mobile30 daysR15.00
Cell C30 daysR19.00
FNB Connect30 daysR19.00 (120MB)
Mr Price Mobile30 daysR20.00
Shoprite K’nect (standard/Money Market account)60 daysR20.00 / R10.00
Capitec ConnectUnlimitedR11.25
Afrihost Air Mobile60 daysR20.00
Cell C30 daysR29.00 (300MB)
FNB Connect30 daysR29.00 (300MB)
Mr Price Mobile30 daysR29.00 (200MB)
MTN30 daysR29.00 (200MB)
Vodacom30 daysR29.00 (200MB)
MegaTel30 daysR49.00 (300MB anytime data + 300MB night-time data)
Telkom31 daysR49.00 (300MB)
Shoprite K’nect (standard/Money Market account)60 daysR35.00 / R17.50
Capitec ConnectUnlimitedR22.50
Afrihost Air Mobile60 daysR25.00
Cell C30 daysR35.00
FNB Connect30 daysR39.00
Me&you Mobile30 daysR49.00
Mr Price Mobile30 daysR59.00
MegaTel61 daysR69.00 (+500MB night-time data)
MTN30 daysR69.00
Standard Bank Mobile30 daysR69.00
Telkom31 daysR69.00
Vodacom30 daysR69.00
Afrihost Air Mobile60 daysR0 for first bundle of the monthR30 thereafter
Shoprite K’nect (standard/Money Market account)60 daysR39.00 / R19.50
Capitec ConnectUnlimitedR45.00
FNB Connect30 daysR59.00
Cell C30 daysR65.00
Me&you Mobile30 daysR69.00
MegaTel61 daysR79.00 (+1GB night-time data)
Standard Bank Mobile30 daysR79.00
Telkom31 daysR79.00
MTN30 daysR85.00
Vodacom30 daysR85.00
Mr Price Mobile30 daysR89.00
Shoprite K’nect (standard/Money Market account)60 daysR75.00 / R37.50
HelloMobile30 daysR45.00 (+2GB night-time data)
Afrihost Air Mobile60 daysR60.00
Cell C30 daysR85.00 (+1GB night-time data)
Capitec ConnectUnlimitedR90.00
FNB Connect30 daysR99.00
Me&you Mobile30 daysR129.00
MegaTel61 daysR139.00 (+2GB night-time data)
Standard Bank Mobile30 daysR139.00
Telkom31 daysR139.00
MTN30 daysR149.00
Vodacom30 daysR149.00
Shoprite K’nect (standard/Money Market account)60 daysR149.00 / R74.50
HelloMobile30 daysR89.00 (6GB anytime + 6GB night-time data)
Afrihost Air Mobile60 daysR100.00
Cell C30 daysR149.00 (4GB anytime + 2GB night-time data)
FNB Connect30 daysR219.00
Capitec ConnectUnlimitedR225.00
Vodacom30 daysR249.00 (4GB)
MegaTel61 days daysR299.00 (+5GB night-time)
MTN30 daysR299.00
Standard Bank Mobile30 daysR299.00
Me&you Mobile30 daysR319.00
Shoprite K’nect (standard/Money Market account)60 daysR250.00 / R125.00
HelloMobile30 daysR149.00 (+10GB night-time data)
Afrihost Air Mobile60 daysR150.00
FNB Connect30 daysR399.00
Standard Bank Mobile30 daysR399.00
Cell C30 daysR469.00 (+10GB night-time data)
MegaTel30 daysR469.00 (+ 10GB night-time)
MTN30 daysR469.00
Vodacom30 daysR469.00
Me&you Mobile30 daysR499.00
Shoprite K’nect (standard/Money Market account)60 daysR350.00  / R175.00
HelloMobile30 daysR219.00 (25GB anytime + 25GB night-time data)
Afrihost Air Mobile60 daysR250.00
MTN30 daysR599.00
MegaTel180 daysR699.00
FNB Connect30 daysR699.00
HelloMobile30 daysR249.00 (40GB anytime + 40GB night-time data)
Afrihost Air Mobile60 daysR350.00
Cell C30 daysR489.00
MTN30 daysR699.00
Vodacom30 daysR699.00
FNB Connect30 daysR1,149.00
Cell C30 daysR489.00 (40GB)
Afrihost Air Mobile30 daysR500.00
MTN30 daysR799.00
MegaTel180 daysR1,499.00
FNB Connect30 daysR1,899.00
MTN30 daysR999.00
Afrihost Air Mobile30 daysR1,000.00
Megatel365 daysR2,499.00
FNB Connect30 daysR3,399.00

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