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Family of ANC member demand R10m from party after he was killed at branch meeting

 Family of ANC member demand R10m from party after he was killed at branch meeting


former ANC branch chair Prince Manzini's family is suing the ANC in Mpumalanga for R10 million for negligence by not ensuring his safety, after he was murdered in a branch meeting.

The family's attorney Eric Mabuza said payment must be made within 14 days of receipt of the letter. 

"Unless we receive payment within the period set out in the preceding paragraph, our instruction is to institute legal action against yourselves without any further notice," the letter read. 

Prince Manzini died when a meeting in KaBokweni turned violent in March. The report said some of the people were allegedly allowed in without having their identity documents scanned and signing the attendance register.

Then branch members complained, a fight broke out and that is when Manzini was bludgeoned to death.

In the letter, Mabuza said Manzini was killed due to the ANC's negligent conduct when the party failed or omitted to ensure that only accredited members of the ANC attended the meeting; failing to provide security at the meeting given the fact that it was reasonably foreseeable that the aforesaid meeting could become violent; and the killers being party members or people who attended the BGM at the instance of its members.

Mabuza said damages calculated included R3 million for his wife Mrs Hlatshwayo; R3 million for his son Benjamin; R4 million for his youngest daughter Shaleen; as well as funeral expenses for R100 000.



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