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Watch Video !Outrage Before woman was attacked at same building Karabo Mokoena was murdered

Sandton - An attack on a woman at the same luxurious apartment block Karabo Mokoena was brutally murdered two years ago has sparked outrage and a hunt for the suspect believed to be behind it.

The incident happened at Sandton Skye Apartments in the early hours of Sunday morning.

On Monday morning, videos emerged of the alleged incident and in one of them, a woman can be seen lying on the floor while paramedics attend to her. In another, she can be seen with blood on her legs while a friend wipes blood off her face.

Pieces of broken bottles are seen scattered across the messy room.

Owen Manhire, owner of emergency services provider Ralmed explained that they received a call from building security and rushed there.

"On arrival, we went up and found a lady who was lying down. She wasn't really responsive. She was in shock and she had about two, three female friends around her and one guy.

"She was hit by a bottle, she had cuts on the head, leg and hands. We quickly managed to stabilise her and we rushed her to the nearest hospital," he explained.

Manhire described chaotic scene when paramedics arrived, saying there was blood in the lift and broken bottles all around.

According to Manhire, the woman - who is from Soweto - claimed the man who attacked her was an ex-boyfriend. 

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