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"I DID NOT steal RG cigarettes at China Mall" rapper Emtee sets the record straight

Rapper Emtee has been a victim of fake news. The rapper believes that someone is out to ruin his reputation.

The fake news article currently making rounds on social media states that the rapper was caught trying to steal cigarettes at China mall. 

When reached out for comment, the rapper dismissed the accusations as false, malicious and deformating. It is not clear who would make up such lies or even what they hope to gain, but rapper Emtee believes that it is the people he previously worked with because their work relationship didn't end quite well.

In the article which is currently circulating on social media, it is alleged that when the rapper got busted trying to steal the RG cigarettes, the owner of the shop who is a Chinese national wanted to call the police on him but then the son of the shop owner recognized the rapper and asked Emtee to perform for him and he will tell his father not to call the police.

To which Emtee obliged and that is allegedly how he escaped jail time. 

The article was shared by hundreds of social media users some believing the story and saying he wanted to use the cigarettes to mix his weed,  while others saw the article for what it really is. Which is bluntant lies written by Emtee's enemies.

Emtee has asked his fans and the public as a whole to stop sharing the article which is spreading lies about him to tarnish his image.

Please share this article so that the truth can reach other people that have been lied to about the rapper.

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