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Bolobedu Rising Star Peazfade (Khutso Mahowa)

Bolobedu Rising Star Peazfade (Khutso Mahowa)
Khelo Rap Artist Known As Peazfade, Khutšo Mahowa Born And Raised In Mahowa Village Next To The Headquarters Of Rain Making Queen Modjadji Outside Tzaneen.

He Contributed On The Album Cover For Malwedhe And Bomme Produced By Hit Maker King Monada. The Khelo Rap Artist Had Turned Tables Into Something In His Collabo With Mavee Onthe Beat, A Local Producer.

How The Tables Turned!“Khelo Rap” simply mean “Khelobedu Rap” but at current virtue the tables are turned into “Khelo Afro”. The combination between the two stars gave tuneful Afro hits you’ll never regret listening.

Isn’t lovely? Have you ever thought of the language “Khelobedu” can fit into Afro? Khelo Afro has a significant tune and it’s a unique content. The aim is to introduce a new genre “Khelo Afro” in the musical genres to and be given platform to participate in the musical concepts.

Listening to Khelo Afro, you’ll never go without the meaning of music.
The Khelo Afro started in October 2018 November 18th when they dropped “Khechoie” On December 7th, Peazfade went for a radio interview at Sloot FM, and also dropped King Monada – Malwedhe Cover.

on December 26 he performed at BGT and shared the staged with Limpopo hit makers, King Monada and Master KG. Again in 2019 March 23 the artist dropped MMM (Money Making Machine) also went for another Radio Turf with Tukisho, also layed another cover for King Monada, Bomme. He is currently working on “Why” featuring Pe-Jay, a sigle.

Peazfade has won the best Sepedi collabo host by Sepedi Music Awards held in the Limpopo province.

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