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Former IdolsSA twins Viggy and Virginia Qwabe Left Zahara join DJ Tira,

After going MIA for a young minute, twins Viggy and Virginia Qwabe are back in the public eye, and this time they are not alone.

Snaps of the former Idols SA contestants on Tira’s social media got tongues wagging this week, with many speculating about what they were cooking up with the renowned producer.

 Tira explained that weeks ago he had an interest in working with the twins and now that the thought has come to life, he is set to produce a few songs with the twins.

“We just want to make music. We are busy talking about how we [are] going to do the tracks. And once they can come to the studio, hopefully in the next two to three weeks, we might have some new music.”

Tira said the genre of music would be pop songs, as he wanted to focus more on the commercial sound.

When asked if he had any plans to sign them under his record label, Afrotainment, Tira said their father was the only person who could make that decision.

“It depends, the person who holds the key to anything along those lines is their father who I really find as a good guy. 

We had a good meeting yesterday and judging from the conversation we had yesterday I realised he’s very focused. I’m hoping only good will come in the things we plan to do together.”

In the meantime, he has managed to get the twins to feature on his upcoming music video for the song, Woza Mshanami.

“The twins won’t be singing or dancing, they will just be in the video,” he said.
Two weeks ago, social media was in a state of panic after Viggy announced that she was quitting Idols SA, after her sister Virginia was eliminated from the singing competition.

While Viggy didn’t explain her reasons for leaving, many speculated it could be because of rumoured bullying and violence from fellow contestants on the show. However, producers rubbished the speculation.
Tira said the pair were doing well at the moment and were in good spirits.
“I spent a lot of time with them and at the time I realised that they are in good spirits.”

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