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29 years old Man allegedly rap3d 13-year-old girl while his wife watched

A 29-year-old man from Sherwood Park has been arrested for allegedly r@ping a 13-year-old relative while his wife watched.

According to a police source, the victim who is now 17, came forward after four years to tell her family how the couple watched “dirty movies” and even had s3x after she was raped.

“She explained that in 2015, she went to the couple’s house as she and the wife had planned to go and pay accounts on that day.

“The wife told her to put on a nice dress, but when she got there they told her they were going to watch a movie first,”

says the source. The girl sat on the bed between the couple, but then the husband “played a dirty movie and started kissing her” in front of his wife. “She says the wife did not do anything and he started fingering her and then he penetrated her with his p3nis and the wife watched.

 “She was told to go wash, but when she came out of the bathroom she found the couple having sex on the same bed she was just r@ped.

“She told the wife she was bleeding and she was told that is normal after the first time having s3x.

 “She confided in a friend and he told the family,” adds the source. The girl’s family reported the matter at Manenberg Police Station on Sunday. Acting police station commander, Colonel Sanele Zama, confirms the arrest and says the man will appear in the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court soon.

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