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Shoppers raise safety concerns

Regular shoppers and workers at the Cycad Shopping Centre in Bendor, Polokwane are concerned about their safety after a businessman shot and killed a would-be robber on Monday.

Police have since opened cases of theft out of motor vehicle and inquest while they also hunt for the remaining 4 suspects who fled the scene with a silver Toyota Corolla car.

One regular shopper says this incident will not stop him from shopping at the complex, because such things can happen anywhere and at any time.

One of the workers who refused to be recorded told Capricorn FM news that the incident affected her emotionally, as one of the bullets that shot the deceased was found right at the entrance of where she works.

Another eyewitness,  who also works at this shopping centre says he did see the man chasing the suspect until he gunned him down.

He says he is shocked at what happened but understands that the shooter had the right to react the way he did because he was provoked.

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