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Minister Gigaba makes it onto global p0rn streaming site

Minister Gigaba makes it onto global p0rn streaming site. The video, which was leaked onto social media a week ago shows the minister playing with himself while saying: “imagine this in your mouth”.
The minister’s video has amassed over 20,000 views thus far.
It seems the CIC of the Economic Freedom Fighters was not exaggerating when he called South Africa’s minister of home affairs Malusi Gigaba a p0rn star because Gigaba’s infamous video has made its way onto global p0rn streaming site Mzansi P0rn.net

This version is 34 seconds long, unlike the 6-second version that was initially distributed on social media and via other messaging platforms.

Malusi Gigaba 

Gigaba is in talks with the site’s administration to have the video taken down but as of today, November 5, the video was still on the website after being uploaded six days ago.

Shortly after the leak, the minister took to social media to apologize for the video and stated that he was working to bring those who leaked it to book.

Speaking to eNCA’s Samkele Maseko in an exclusive interview, Gigaba reiterated that his phone is subject to hacking on a daily basis and added that he has to change his passwords almost daily.

“I have reports which have been submitted to the state security agency to that effect and I am busy compiling an audit of all the instances where there have been failed attempts to hack my phone and my emails, including Friday before last. And in some instances, I’ve got proof and names of people who have been involved in doing this,” explained Gigaba.

He went on to add that he has every right to be romantic with his wife when he communicates with her and that he is not at fault because he was hacked.

“When I communicate with my wife, I have a right to be as romantic as I want with my wife, she’s my wife! I paid lobola, I married her in broad daylight…

When I travel with her, you complain, when I’m being romantic with her, you hack my phone, you try to humiliate us and you still complain, what do you want us to do? To stop being husband and wife? We’re not going to do that.”

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