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Groom 'Linda Mthethwa' who refused to repeat pastor’s vows at his wedding says he doesn't regrets - Watch Video

VIDEO: Groom in viral wedding video has no regrets -  Linda Mthethwa, who married his wife Tiny in Ntuzuma

Durban - The groom in the viral wedding video says he has no regrets about his disturbing wedding day video, where he is seen being disrespectful to the pastor and his wife.

The groom, Linda Mthethwa, who married his wife Tiny in Ntuzuma at the weekend, said there was nothing wrong about his actions on his wedding day - where he refused to repeat the pastor’s vows and seemed to be disrespectful to his wife.

Speaking to Isolezwe, he said his wife was angered by what people had been saying since the video went viral.

“It is you who think there was something wrong at my wedding. From my point of view, everything went well, right now I am with my wife and we are happy and officially married,” he said.

“I have been with my wife for a very long time, I was not going to allow some pastor tell me that only death will do us part. Why must we involve death in our vows like one of us has to kill the other,” he said.

Mthethwa said it was only promiscuity that would separate him and his wife Tiny.

“Only cheating can separate me and my wife, but right now, we have no issues about that,” he said.

Mthethwa said he has three children with his wife and he suspected the wedding photographer was responsible for leaking the video onto social media.

Mthethwa has been heavily criticised on social media for his behaviour on his wedding day, with many saying he had disrespected his wife.

In the video, where the pastor leads them in vows saying “for richer or poorer”, Mthethwa responds “we are already poor”.

“It is the truth, I am in a lot of debt because I wanted our wedding day to be respectable. The amount of debt I am in, it is clear that I will never be rich again, because it will be a long time until I am done paying for them,” he said.

The wife, Tiny, said she would not comment as the damage had already been done.

Mthethwa would not respond when asked if he was under the influence of alcohol during his wedding.

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