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Boity to a fan:Sdlutla ke PAPAO

There just comes a point in a polite person’s life when they just need to put that mean girl/boy cap on and show these thots who’s the real boss when it comes to being mean.

However, as we all know too well, there are just some people who need to be placed in their place real quick when they start to acting out of line.

Boity took some time to post some BTS (Behind the scene) snaps on the set of the Wuz Dat video and let’s just say there were a few people who really got on Boity’s last nerve and she had to check them real quick.

After posting the bts images one troll replied with a “sdudla” (fatty) comment to the picture to which Boity replied with a simple “Sdudla ke rrago” meaning “Your dad is the fat one.”
Boity Tweet
Another troll commented on her voice and little did they know that Boity has a bag of clap-backs for them.
Boity Tweet
They clearly chose the wrong day to mess with Boity.

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