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Billionaire Prophet Bushiri gives Mboro R1m as a birthday gift

Billionaire Prophet Shepherd Bushiri gives Prophet Mboro R1m as a birthday gift

bushiri gives mbhoro 1 million


Paseka Motsoeneng, popularly known as Prophet Mboro, was given a late birthday surprise by colleague Shepherd Bushiri.

Bushiri’s church, Enlightened Christian Gathering, organised a night of celebration for Mboro, who turned 50 early this year.

Bushiri gave Mboro R1million cash as a birthday gift.

For years, the two did not get along, but they seem to have put their differences aside.

Bushiri said that if prophets did not celebrate each other, no one would love or honour them or take them seriously.

“It is not easy. If you look at traditional healers, they don’t fight one another and they stand together. But men of God fight, we need to stand together.

“Our styles of ministry are different, but we serve one Jesus,” Bushiri said.

He added that when he saw Mboro’s work with his generous deeds and the impact he had made in people’s lives through healing and miracles, he had to celebrate the “man of God’s” life.

A congregant said Mboro delivered her from her drinking addiction which was triggered by her divorce.

“I used to drink a lot. I would drink from 6pm to the next morning. I was a gangster and used to carry a gun. Most of my friends were men and you don’t want to know what we used to do. I came to church and I found Jesus. I have now touched many lives through Mboro’s guidance,” she said.

Motsoeneng said he was “very emotional” after the gesture. He thanked everyone in attendance especially his mother.

“My mother is 88 years old and almost died this year and I asked the Lord to spare her life. I have built houses for many people but I felt I have not done enough for her so I am grateful for her life.

“Bushiri, you’ve almost brought tears in my eyes. I don’t know what to say. Though we fight often, I don’t hold grudges. Even the Bible says I should love my enemies,” he said.

According to him, being a prophet was extremely difficult but it is his love for the broken and needy that has kept him going.

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