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Video 'I want Malusi Gigaba to strengthen my marriage i have seen his Huge 4-5 in a leaked Video'

Malusi Gigaba Wins The Hearts Of South African Women After They Saw His Huge 4-5 in a leaked Video
Gigaba Strenthen Marriage

Thousands of South African Women have taken to social media to express their love for Malusi Gigaba's huge 4-5 after his s3xtape leaked and broke the internet. 

The video was leaked on Sunday morning and social went crazy over the video. Women praised the minister's big 4-5 and zulus were also proud to call him one of their own after see the huge 4-5!  

Women are literally offering themselves to the minister after seeing the video. Here is a video of a woman praising the minister after she saw the s3xt@pe!

But some men are not too please, one man took to social media and said "objects may appear bigger than they really are if taken from the right angle!" 

Malusi Gigaba said the video has been around for a very long time and he has been blackmailed multiple times because of the video.

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