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Video: EFF leader 'Julius Malema' drunk failing to stand on his own - EFF/DA /ANC officials same script different cast

Malema Drunk

Video of Eff leader 'Julius Malema' drunk failing to stand on his own at Seshego - EFF/DA /ANC officials same WhatsApp group.

Pretoria – EFF lovely leader Julius Malema was caught up in a video where he appears to be very drunk and it looks like he is failing to stand on his own or maybe its a new dance move.

The Eff president Malema is known to harsh in his criticism of EFF/DA /ANC officials, calling them drunkards or alcoholics. Maybe this video is Malema's revenge.
Julius Malema in 2015 once said Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande is no role model,“When Blade is drinking red wine we are distributing red T-shirts. We’re not drunk like (the) higher education minister,” he said.

Early this year Julis Malema called Bathabile Dlamini ‘Drunkard of the Nation’ which divided Twitter by the time.

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