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Unhappy bride runs away with husband’s money & property days after wedding because he is ugly & a midget

Unhappy bride reportedly runs away with husband’s cash days after wedding

Pictures of an angry bride who looked unhappy on her wedding day cause traffic jams on social media weeks ago when she got married to an old man who she claim is ugly not her type and a midget; apparent she agreed to marry him in-community of property so she can divorce him weeks later to benefit from all his possessions.

According to rumors and reports on social media, the unhappy bride has just decided to run away with the man's money and properties.
Details of the couple have not been made available to the members of the public however a picture of them ki$$ing at honeymoon surfaced on social media, a source told us, she was actually bribing him to make her a beneficiary of all his possessions and to do some transactions to her family.

However, the husband is undergoing some serious depression and currently grieving as his new bride ran away with his money and some properties.

According to reports the incident occurred in Congo when the bride ran away with the man’s properties and all he had.

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