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#TheTotalShutdown unhappy with Dros rape postponement

#TheTotalShutdown in Limpopo is not satisfied that the case of the man accused of raping a 7-year-old girl at Dros restaurant in Pretoria has been postponed to the 1st November. 

 The organisation says the Pretoria Magistrate’s court postponement of the case is delaying justice and they believe the man should have just been handed down 6 life sentences when he appeared on Tuesday. The suspect has been remanded in custody pending further investigations, including the finalisation of forensic reports.

 A handful of #TheTotalShutdown members held a picket outside the Polokwane High Court earlier, in solidarity with those protesting outside the magistrate’s court in Pretoria. #TheTotalShutdown says the suspect deserves a harsher sentence due to the awful circumstances around the matter. Some members of #TheTotalShutdown organisation say the postponement of this case will give the suspect leeway to give explanations that can never be justified or acceptable.

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