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Zodwa Wabantu retires from punani and no p_anty job to become a runway model

Zodwa Wabantu has decided to drop her career as a sl_utt.y p.antile.ss punani dancer and embark on a more dignified career which is modelling. 

Yes you read it right, Zodwa Wabantu has decided to get a job that actually requires her to put on some clothes, not just any clothes but designer clothes and we can all agree that she still looks smashing hot even though her goodies are covered up.

 Zodwa hit the runaway on Thursday evening at the prestigious Durban Fashion Fair dressed in designs from Muzi Mlambo for the bridal collection. Dressed in rose gold sheer dress with a high bun, Zodwa's entrance sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Walking in with a cape/ train that extended from her arm, she blew kisses to the crowd as she worked it. WATCH-VIDEO-H-E-R-E Many fans took to social media to praise and admire Zodwa's new look, with many of them saying that now she can be a role model to children. When speaking to reporters "Zodwa said she thought she was chosen by designers because she brought the va va voom." "I was told four days ago.

 There was no reason why I was chosen. I am a businesswoman and they saw I am multitalented. They were surprised I had done my hair. I had put on makeup. They used to say I was so ugly. They said I looked like a man. Now they say I am beautiful." - said the saucy Zodwa.

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