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Video of a Man of God in seshego zone 4 walking on water, Is Jesus back?

Video of a Prophet in seshego zone 4 walking on water, Is Jesus back?

A Pastor in Seshego zone 4 was captured walking on water, pastors and prophets have really been walking the extra mile in a bid to demonstrate “God’s” power recently.

Some have been using harmful household products such as Doom and washing powder, administering them to congregants and claiming they can heal them of their illnesses.

In a video posted on Mzansi Stories’s Facebook page and Twitter page, this man has taken it a step further and done what no one has ever done – except for Jesus, according to the Bible.
He was teaching what sounded like a powerful sermon, though the video does not show his congregants.

If only we could hear what he was saying. It looks like something was placed on the spot where he was standing to make it look like he was on water. The only problem is that he somehow forgot that his miracle was fake, so he moved slightly and fell.

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