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Veteran blesser Serge Cabonge left UNBLESSED as 2 prostitutes steal $40 000 cash from him after s3x

Veteran blesser Serge Cabonge left UNBLESSED as 2 prostitutes steal $40 000 cash from him after s3x


He loves blessing beautiful women. But this week Serge Cabonge realised that no good deed goes unpunished.

This comes as he was allegedly left unblessed by two American babes! The self-proclaimed blesser and businessman couldn’t believe his eyes when he discovered that close to $40 000 in cash had vanished from his hotel room in Los Angeles in the US after steamy s3x with the alleged slay queens.

Serge, who is currently shooting a reality show in the US, said the $25,000, meant to pay the production team, was put in the hotel’s safe. He said he went shopping with the girls and they then went their separate ways.

But when he returned, a nasty surprise awaited him – his money was gone!
He believes one of the girls returned to the hotel while he was still shopping, and stole the money.

“I’m currently shooting a reality show here in the US. My lawyer brought the money in cash as I had put it in their Trust account to pay the production team. Later, as I was hanging out with two girls, I decided that I wanted to do some shopping. When I got back and wanted to pay the production company, I discovered that the money was missing,” he said.

Serge subsequently opened a case of theft with LA police, and the matter is currently under investigation. Those girls stole my money. CCTV footage shows the girls going in and out of the hotel room with me. But it also shows one of the girls going back into the room after we left to go shopping,” said Serge.

He says the reason for keeping so much cash in his possession is that it makes it more convenient to do business. Serge also said the incident won’t delay the reality show’s progress. 
“The show is meant to change the negativity associated with the term ‘blesser’. The main objective of the show is that a blesser can contribute meaningfully in the life of a woman, like investing in proper business ideas,” he said.

He didn’t want to give more details, but said the team would start shooting in Beverly Hills soon.

US-based celebrity lawyer Walter Mosley, who also represents the likes of singer Amber Rose and Blac Chyna, confirmed the incident via email.

“We can confirm that he (Serge) was a victim of theft in Hollywood, CA. The amount was greater than $25 000. At this time, we’ve filed a report with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and have increased the security detail for Mr Cabonge during his stay in Los Angeles,” Walter said.

His US-based friend, Lagosh, said: “The girls must have seen the code when he was putting the money in the safe. Now, they have disappeared, even on social media.”

Sunday Sun phoned the LA County Sheriff’s Department in Hollywood, who confirmed the theft and said the matter is being investigated.

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