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'Tumisang Moraka' Student who killed teacher denied bail by Lehurutshe Magistrate Court because the community threatens to kill him

Lehurutshe Magistrate Court in Zeerust denies 'Tumisang Moraka' student who stabbed teacher to death bail because the community is ready to kill him

A 17-year-old North West boy 'Tumisang Moraka' who killed teacher appeared in court for the first time today at Lehurutshe Magistrate Court were he was denied bail because the community was ready to kill him in a mob justice.

Tumisang Moraka is been charged with murder for stabbing his teacher to death at a school.He is a grade 10 leaner who is now facing murder charge and has been in custody since the incident.
The incident happened last week at a school in Zeerust in full view of pupils who were writing an exam.

It is alleged that the teacher had reprimanded the pupil the day before the fatal attack.

more details to follow shortly

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