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Mahlori Shipalana who left 2 Slay Queens in the house, didn't give Bo Moghel Mavuso so they burnt the house.

Mahlori Shipalane From Limpopo Tzaneen who left 2 prostitutes commonly known as Slay Queens in the house didn't pay them so they burnt the house - pictures


The owner of the house Mahlori Shipalane from Tzaneen who left 2(two) prostitutes commonly known as Slay Queens & a guy. Matlhori went to Nelspruit Without giving bo moghel mavuso so they burnt down the house.

Our condolences to the shoes... We wish we could say sorry for, but how could he leave them in his house while all they care about is the safety of their nails!!Next time make sure you make payments on time

Two Limpopo slay queens might find themselves behind bars charged with arson, all just because of Mavuso. The slay queens in question torched down a man's house after they couldn't get Mavuso or rather compensation for spending the night and performing s3xual advances on the man.
This incident took place in Polokwane Limpopo, But the owner of the house famously know as Mahlori is from Nkowa Nkowa near Tzaneen in Limpopo.

According to reports, Mahlori left his house in the care of his friend who only drives a blue VW Polo which suggests that the friend is not in the same league as Mahlori financially. The friend then decided to go out and find himself some slay queens he could have fun with in the big beautiful house which he was pretending it's his. In the morning when it was time to leave, the slay queens demanded compensation for their services to which the polo driver could not deliver since he is, well broke.

The slay queens then set the house alight everything was burned down including a Porsche which got burnt in the front side, expensive red bottom shoes and everything else in the house.

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