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Indian man Caught B_onk_ing 12 years Homeless Underage girl in His car without protection

H_or_ny Indian Caught B_onk_ing Homeless Underage in His car without protection 

An Indian man of unknown age was last night apprehended by alert members of the public who caught him having s3x with a street kid in his car in Lusaka.

The named Indian man is reported to have enticed the vulnerable girl with a pack of a meal bought at Hungry Lion and drove her to the nearest corner where he had exploring s3x with her, including the doggy style in the car.

But some people that noticed a jerking car approached and found the Indian on top of the street kid sweating and panting as though he just raced with three horses to win a hamper of boom washing powder After he was forced out of the car, the street kid narrated the ordeal and explained how hungry she was until he picked her up after being given some left over chicken from the Big Bite.

The Indian has since been locked up at Kabwata Police Station and is expected to be charged for defilement, rape and obtaining pecuniary advantage of a minor.


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