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Caswell Maseko's Death Was Planned and His Wife Itumeleng Maseko Had Asked Me To Do It - Guilty Boyfriend Confesses

More shocking details have emerged regarding the death of wealthy business man Casswell Maseko.

According to reports Caswell Maseko was stabbed to death by his wife Itumeleng Maseko one night at their marital home. On the night in question it is reported that Itumeleng came home with another man and started making noise while Caswell was sleeping to which he woke up and asked the other man to leave and he was left arguing with his wife and this argument led to Caswell's demise.

After all this time the other man who was chased out of Itumeleng and Caswell's marital home has finally decided to speak because of guilt. The man who asked to speak to us anonymously stated that he is Itumeleng's boyfriend and he confirmed that he was there on the night that Caswell died and the murder was planned by the wife, Itumeleng.
According to Itumeleng's "boyfriend", the plan was that they would get to the house and start making noise so that Caswell Can wake up and the guy would kill him as to make it look like a robbery gone wrong and then he would flee the scene which the wife would then call authorities after confirming that Caswell is indeed no longer breathing.

When we asked him what happened, why didn't he carry out the mission as planned. His response was: "The plan was in motion, we got to Caswell's house and started making noise and then Caswell woke up and i took one look at him and i couldn't do it, i guess i just don't have it in me. I am not a murderer. So i left their place as per Caswell's request, but i guess Itu decided to carry out the plan on her own."

We asked him if he has any idea why Itumeleng would want to kill her husband and father of her children and his response was: "i don't know but i suspect greed from Itu's side, i think that Itu wanted to be left with all his finances and assets aswell as businesses because they were married in community of property!"

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