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Zodwa Wabantu dance naked on a table showing punani for the first time at a club - Watch Video

Video - Zodwa Wabantu dance n_aked on a table showing c_ookie in a club for the first time and the club goes crazy

While Zodwa went n_aked on the table in a club an anonymous guy acted as if the is not interested about what Zodwa was doing because one of the commenters said "he knew the video would go viral and he didn't want his woman to be asking him questions and that is the truth of the matter because no one could avoid being interested by the crazy Zodwa"

So long as you still believe that the one formally educated should be paid more........ South Africa is going nowhere.... Zodwa uses her body to make money... Bill Gates uses his Brains.... What's the difference???

Sometime you begin to ask yourself that where's God on our side... aboZodwa get paid big amounts of money whiles the one got education get paid peanuts. I don't recognise her as "hard-working woman".

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