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Prokid died on the bed & in the arms of his Nyatsi Mandisa Mbanjwa behind his wife's back

Prokid died on the bed of his lover Mandisa Mbanjwa behind his wife's back

Hip-hop mega star Prokid (real name Linda Mkhize) died in the arms of his girlfriend, Mandisa Mbanjwa, whom he has been seeing for almost a year behind his wife's back.

Sunday World can reveal that Ayanda, Prokid's wife, burst into tears and screamed when she saw the lifeless body of the Dankie San hit-maker on Mbanjwa's bed in her flat in the Joburg CBD on Wednesday night.

Before his demise, Sunday World understands the rapper spent a week at the flat.

Ayanda grabbed Prokid's clothes and stormed out of Mbanjwa's flat after she, the artist's father and two brothers authorised the removal of his corpse to the mortuary.

The explosive details were revealed by Mbanjwa in an exclusive interview with Sunday World at her flat on Friday.

Mbanjwa, who had black rings under her eyes from lack of sleep, said she dated Prokid 13 years ago but stopped seeing him after a few months.

"I had a few moments with him. Our relationship was brief. I was too young to be in a relationship. So 12 years later, we met again because Pro and I always had this incredible connection. We had a weird bond."

Mbanjwa said she started searching for him last year after realising that he had disappeared from the music industry radar. "Last year in October we met again. I visited him in Klipspruit (Soweto) and I could see he was not okay. You could see that he was sick but he was hiding it," she said.

Mbanjwa alleged that Prokid told him that he was suffering from ulcers and he became worse when somebody at a local tavern recently gave him a drink that smelt like paraffin.

"From there he developed trust issues and also suffered from depression because of how the music industry treated him," she said.

Mbanjwa said Prokid first came and stayed with her in her flat for a week after Valentine's Day. Before that the two stole short moments together.

"You could see that something was killing him. When he was here with me he didn't want to leave."

Mbanjwa said the two recently discussed having a child together and Prokid wished for a boy he could name Zizwezethu.

Mbanjwa's sister and a friend, who didn't want to be named, confirmed the affair.

"He has always been part of this family," said the sibling during our interview.

The friend, who lives in the same complex, witnessed the whole incident on Wednesday when Mbanjwa called them for help after the rapper died.

Two security guards at the flat confirmed to Sunday World that Prokid lived with Mbanjwa and died in her flat.

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