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Chinese Fake Heineken with Malaria & Ebola, See fake and original Heineken - Video

Chinese Counterfeit  Heineken plant that produces fake Heineken with Malaria & Ebola, See the difference between fake and original Heineken - Video

7 sentenced for making, selling fake Heineken in Vietnam metro

Video footage showing the manufacture of fake beer in China has gone viral on popular instant messaging app WeChat.

The dingy factory in Dongguan was busted on May 5 by city authorities for manufacturing fake beer branded as Heineken, reported Chinese news website Shanghaiist.

Heineken is a lager manufactured by American beverage giant Anheuser-Busch InBev, which has attempted to make inroads into the Chinese beer market for over a decade.

Split into three video clips, footage from the first two clips depict bare-handed workers immersing used Heineken cans and bottles, which had their tops cut away, into tubs of beer.

The filled cans were then placed on a dirty conveyor belt leading to a canning machine, which sealed the contaminated cans.

The third clip shows officials from China's Trade and Industry Bureau arriving at the facility for an inspection.

Citing city authorities, Shanghaiist reported that the underground factory was capable of producing up to 600,000 crates of fake beer every month, for distribution to alcohol outlets such as bars and nightclubs.

We have been drinking fake Heineken. That’s why the hangover use to come with Malaria & Ebola symptoms.

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