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Boity shares the secret and benefits on staying friends with your ex

Boity shares the secret on staying friends with your ex

While many of us are out here quarter to burning our ex’s house down, TV personality Boity Thulo has shared the secret to staying friends with your ex.

Boity, who broke up with ex Cassper Nyovest three years ago, told Cosmopolitan magazine that she and Cass are “cool” and like to tease each other on social media.

“He’s a friend. We’re always bantering on social media and making fun of each other.”

Boity said the secret to staying friends is to make sure your forgiveness game is on 100.

“When you’ve forgiven yourself and you’ve forgiven them, they just become a normal person. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to be friends or move on with your life. But forgiveness clears the air. Also, why not be friends?”

Cassper and Boity have dated twice, with their last breakup ending in 2015. In a song released a year later entitled I Wasn’t Ready For You, Cassper talked about cheating.

Speaking to US radio host Charlamagne on the Breakfast Show a few months later, Cassper said Boity didn’t know about the cheating until his confession in the song.

“She didn’t know that [I was cheating on her]. She only heard on the song. I didn’t have anywhere else to go [with the side chicks]. My house was very comfortable and I just felt like I want to enjoy my house. Anyway, they didn’t sleep the whole night. It was only a few hours,” said Cassper.

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