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Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane Ordain Somizi as the first ZCC Gay Pastor

ZCC Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane Ordain Somizi as a ZCC regional Pastor.

ZCC leader edged Somizi Mhlongo to accept his calling as a pastor, after he learned that most Well-known gospel singers Dr Tumi and Lebo Sekgobela pulled out of singing at a consecration show for a church in North West shortly after Somizi Mhlongo was announced as a guest preacher.

Dr Tumi was reportedly scheduled to perform on June 30 at the church in Brits, but he withdrew after a publicity poster featuring Somizi was published. Sekgobela then followed suit. Both stars publicised their withdrawals on social media, though they did not say it was specifically to avoid being on the same bill with the flamboyantly gay Somizi.

However, no one was able to obtain comment from Dr Tumi & Lebo Sekgobela.

Somizi made headlines last year when he stormed out of the Grace Bible Church in Soweto over a sermon he found offensive and thats when he joined ZCC church.

He alleged a pastor had spoken about homos3xuality, claiming it was so “disgusting” and “sinful” that even animals did not “practise” it –  remarks Somizi claimed the congregants cheered.

Zoologists, however, later pointed out that homos3xuality has actually often been observed among several animal species.

Many Christians believe that the Bible outlaws homos3xuality, though other scholars point out that the passage in Leviticus relates primarily to behaviour expected of Jewish priests.

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