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Abuse victims neglected-Great Rape Intervention Programme GRIP

Most men feel entitled to abuse their female partners who financially depend on them.
This is according to Licky Thusi, who represents a women empowerment organisation called the ‘Great Rape Intervention Programme’ (GRIP) in Mbombela, Mpumalanga.
The NGO was part of the nationwide #TotalShutdown march in Mbombela on Wednesday, calling for an end to violence against the vulnerable groups in society which include women, children and the LGBTI communities.
Thusi says a majority of women from the Mpumalanga legislature joined the march which was attended by various NGOs, faith-based groups and various gender advocacy groups.
Thusi says most offenders are males and they come out of prison empowered by educational and life skills programmes offered by the department of Justice and Correctional Services, whilst abuse victims, which are mostly women, are neglected.
Thusi says most women stay in relationships for financial security and adds that abuse victims also deserve to be empowered comprehensively by government, just like the offenders, to enable them to either venture into entrepreneurship and be financially independent – which will give them no reason tolerate being in abusive relationships

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