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Woolworths recalls frozen rice over Listeria

Woolworths is in the process of recalling its frozen savoury rice mix product, the company said on Tuesday. The rice mix has sweetcorn that was apparently imported from the Greenyard factory, that may have been the source of a Listeria outbreak in Hungary.

Woolworths said that recall was a precaution after a global recall was issued by the Hungarian Food Safety Agency.

The food company said in a statement that food safety is of critical importance to Woolworths and that they take all issues regarding the production of their food extremely seriously.
The company went on to say that the Listeria bacteria is easily destroyed by cooking.
The Frozen Savoury Rice Mix product is uncooked and frozen and so requires cooking before consumption.
Thorough cooking ensures that the product is safe.
"We are voluntarily recalling this product as a precautionary measure, on the global instruction of the Hungarian Food Safety Agency."

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