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Watch: An HIV Posite Man Rapes 24 Woman

Diepsloot is a township that has the highest level of rapes in South Africa. The people who call it a home leave among the top rapist in South Africa. Rapist that are capable of raping once girlfriend infant of their eyes. A series of sexual assault was taken in the Diepsloot township by BBC’s Golden Mtika. interviewing a man identified as David. David is an HIV positive Johannesburg man who leaves in Diepsloot, he claims to have raped 21 to 24 women without using protection including his own girlfriend.
The motive in David’s serial raping is power to towards woman and fear to die alone. Because he is HIV Positive he wants to spread the disease, so that when he dies he won’t be the only one.
“I know I have HIV, so I want to spread that HIV. I feel good because I can’t die alone and I can’t stay three days without sex, because I am powerful, a powerful guy he said.”
Asked how he feels about possibly infecting his victims David said, “I feel good because I can’t die alone.”
Watch the Interview below

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